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Crews to begin work on rail crossing at K Street and Sonora Avenue

Crews to begin work on rail crossing at K Street and Sonora Avenue


Construction crews Monday will kick off improvement work on the railroad crossing near K Street and Sonora Avenue.

The weeklong project calls for replacing the hard rubber mats that surround the railroad with cement ones and leveling of the road in the immediate area next to the railroad spur.

The mat replacement will be done by a private company hired by Land O' Lakes, while the road-level portion will be done by a city crew.

Tulare Street Superintendent Bobby Dykes said local motorists will notice the roadway improvement.

"It's a much-needed repair," he said.

The work will be similar to the railroad crossing at Tulare, Cross and Inyo avenues, Dykes said.

Instead of closing the street for the project, construction workers will employ a temporary closure method, Dykes said.

On Monday, workers will close the southbound lanes and use the northbound lanes to move traffic through the area.

Once half the work is complete, traffic will be diverted to the southbound lanes.

Dykes asked motorists planning on driving through the area to slow down to provide safety for the construction workers.




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