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How to be your parent's 'caregiver'

How to be your parent's 'caregiver'   For many of us, it's a depressing sight as we face the hard reality of having to care for aging parents - loved ones who once held you by the hand and now need your helping hand in return. In Filipino culture, caring for parents is a role that many assume simply because they are the adult child of elderly parents. Despite the different elder-care options a

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Husky Stadium turf is wearing well

Husky Stadium turf is wearing well   That’s according to St. Cloud State Director of Recreation and Intramural Sports Ron Seibring, and two coaches who use the turf regularly. In other parts of the state, that’s not the case with installed artificial surfaces. In Duluth, Public Schools Stadium is having issues with its turf, which was installed in 2001. “I didn’t know what to expect when we fi

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Goodyear profit beats forecasts, shares up

Goodyear profit beats forecasts, shares up   Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co posted a smaller-than-expected drop in quarterly profit Monday, as the company stepped up cost cuts in response to weaker demand in North America, sending shares up as much as 20 percent. The largest U.S. tire maker also said it was on track to "significantly surpass" its planned cost cuts of $2 billion by 2009 after it has

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Rubber meets the road

Rubber meets the road   Tim Bailey’s business model isn’t ordinary. Bailey’s customers pay him to take raw materials off their hands, and after he’s done processing those materials, Bailey gives away the finished product for free.Bailey’s company, Tire Balers, Inc., is a year into a five-year contract to lease space and bale used tires at the Lewis and Clark County Landfill. As part of the deal,

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Rubber trade takes steps to cut supply

Rubber trade takes steps to cut supply   Thailand is preparing to fell old rubber trees on 400,000 rai in total and persuade growers to tap the remaining trees less frequently to help cut supply and shore up rubber prices. The trees to be felled immediately are those over 25-30 years old, according to Luckchai Kittipol, president of the Thai Rubber Association and a member of the committee s

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US manufacturing has worst month in 7 years

US manufacturing has worst month in 7 years   WASHINGTON (ICIS news)--The US manufacturing sector suffered its worst month in seven years in September, a top industry monitor said on Wednesday, with a key measure of production activity falling by 6.4 points from August.   The [1]Institute for Supply Management (ISM) said that its closely watched [2]purchasing managers index (PMI) for the nati

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Who Can Benefit From Low Oil Prices?

Who Can Benefit From Low Oil Prices?   As the stock market continues to work its way lower one positive benefit for much of the economy and consumers is lower oil and energy prices. It is hard to believe that just a few months ago we were looking at $140 per barrel oil and wondering when it would hit $200. Now with oil under $75 I have been wondering: Who will benefit from these lower oil prices

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World financial crisis doubling up rubber industry

World financial crisis doubling up rubber industry     Rubber price on the decrease Rubber seems to be the farm product suffering the earliest impacts of the global financial crisis. The rubber price has been sliding dramatically, while rubber-related industries are in precarious positions. Dinh Van Tien, Head of the Import-Export Division under the Vietnam Rubber Industry Group, said that

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Export of natural rubber sees 65% rise

Export of natural rubber sees 65% rise The export of natural rubber (NR) increased by a whopping 65 per cent during April-August, 2008-09, at a total shipment of 26,704 tonnes, compared to 16,232 tonnes during the same period last year, revealed the Kottayam-based Rubber Board. The board has estimated a total stock of 108,600 tonnes by the end of August against 82,607 tonnes in August 2007. Th

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Economic slowdown is not totally bad for auto market

China's auto market has seen a continuous slide since March this year and some people say that auto sales in the Chinese market have entered a "premature winter." What has pushed the previously hot auto market into the icy water? The late January snowstorms in southern China and the May 12 earthquake in Sichuan province were regional and temporary, and their impact on the auto market has been ver

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key statistics about China's industrial sector

Following are some key statistics about China's industrial sector. Figures are for the first half of 2008 unless otherwise stated. Construction: Output 2.27 trillion yuan ($330.9 billion), up 24.4 percent year-on-year; constructed floor space 3.7 billion square meters, up 20.1 percent; gross income 2.07 trillion yuan, up 25.9 percent; profits 49 billion yuan, up 42.2 percent. (National Bureau of

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China's total demand for rubber hoses will reach 260 million meters in 2010

China's total demand for rubber hoses will reach 260 million meters,including 200 million meters for new vehicles and 58 million metersfor maintaining old vehicles.

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Marangoni hikes capacity at plant by 25%

Marangoni hikes capacity at plant by 25% MADISON, Tenn. (July 23, 2008) -- Marangoni Tread North America Inc. has boosted tread rubber production capacity by 25 percent at its Madison Alpha-Ring factory.   The firm said it hiked production to handle the growth in North America, and provide better service to its Ringtread retreading system dealer network on the continent. The Madison plant—which

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VN, Thai reps seek rubber deal

VN, Thai reps seek rubber deal Vietnamese and Thai representatives met here on Thursday to discuss co-operation in the rubber industry. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Bui Ba Bong, and representatives from the Rubber Industry Group and the Rubber Association of Viet Nam. The representatives attended the meeting included Thai Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Co-operative T

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Rubber industry leaders in Asia thank RP for hosting 4th Rubber Conference

Leaders of the Rubber Industry in Asia conveyed their gratitude to the Philippines for hosting the 4th ASEAN Rubber Conference which opens Thursday when they paid a courtesy call on President Gloria MacapagalArroyo this afternoon at the Music Room in Malacanang.   The heads of delegations from Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Singapore, China and Thailand were accompanied by Filipino-Chinese Chamber o

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Prices on the Malaysian rubber market closed higher today due to tight supply and rubber futures rising to a new high on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM), dealers said. The key distant rubber contract on the TOCOM rose as high as 345.9 yen per kg, the highest for a benchmark since April 1980, according to the dealers. "Buyers in the market were worried about the low production because the wint

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