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New Pattern Security Protective and Environmental Silicone Car Mat

Patent Technical Product New Pattern Security Protective and Environmental Silicone Car Mat   Description of Properties   As the stand of living improved, the sales volume of domestic cars increased constantly. Although the popularity rate rises, our cognition and consuming habit of car mats still left behind on the aesthetic stage.   Donghai Rubber Products Co.,ltd is the OEM supplier of G

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Pet Hair Goes to the Mat

Pet Hair Goes to the Mat   Dear Heloise: I subscribe to The (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Union. In a recent column, a writer asked what to put on truck seats to keep pet hair from sticking. I lay a BATHMAT RUNNER -- the type with rubber backing -- across the back seat. It doesn't slip like a sheet or blanket, and is not slick like some seat covers, so it's easy for my dog to move around on. And

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Ford Mondeo 2.2 TDCi Estate review

Ford Mondeo 2.2 TDCi Estate review   In an era when all estates are marketed as "lifestyle" accessories (many are called "wagon" rather than good-old estate), it's refreshing to come across vehicles such as the load-lugging version of the latest Ford Mondeo. Spacious and comfortable for passengers, it also has a truly vast load area. There are 542 litres with the rear seats in place, or 1,

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The story behind 2 trillion yuan 2

The story behind 2 trillion yuan  2   Consumer policy can shift No one doubts a few years after the Chinese auto market will be more than the United States as the world's largest consumer of motor vehicles, this is only the length of time. In that sales of close to 10,000,000 in the market, more than 60% of the car into the family, China's auto market is the main private consumption. In this sen

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The story behind 2 trillion yuan 1

The story behind 2 trillion yuan   1   National Automobile consumption in 2007 exceeded 2 trillion yuan, the amount of  National Vehicle reached 42,290,000. Only 8,420,000 new cars to pay the tax on the purchase of vehicles as much as 800 billion cost would be used for national road construction. In accordance with an average of 5% of the vehicle excise tax calculation, the consumption tax to pa

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Never a better time to buy a used car

Never a better time to buy a used car Used cars are the biggest issue in motoring right now. The country is awash with used cars with stocks having built up to worrying proportions over the past 12 months or so. This is bad for car dealers, importers and manufacturers. But for motorists, it might just be the best opportunity we have seen to buy a really well priced used car, writes Padraic Dean

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U.S. auto Big Three ask for help

U.S. auto Big Three ask for help U.S. auto Big Three industry General Motors, Ford and Chrysler CEO next to Washington to seek government assistance may fight to the car, rather than separately by luxury private jet. General Motors, Ford and Chrysler CEO Wagoner, Mulally and Nardelli on the 18th by private jet to Washington to participate in Congressional hearings in an attempt to persuade Congr

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The car market of China

The car market of China   Reporters learned that a few days ago the State Development and Reform Commission convened with other ministries held a closed-door car prices CEO’s forum to discuss the car enterprises. By the purchase tax, the levy of fuel tax,extend Loans, the expansion of the bus to save the market, such as purchasing a variety of views.      However, some analysts said that the "re

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Guangzhou car salon to see the development of automobile market in 2009

Guangzhou car salon to see the development of automobile market in 2009     Guangzhou car salon in mid-run, but this year, as Japanese cars in the automobile market in the status of changes appears to be significant. When a variety of adverse effects of this year's attack on the Chinese automobile market, in Guangzhou, Japanese cars have been able to be an exception, in the Chinese automobile m

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The most safty seat

The most  safty  seat   Automobile traffic, safety when several of the most worthy of attention. Although the car seats are limited, but security has good or bad, as much as possible to find the safest seat for himself in the process of moving up more than a handful of "protection umbrella."      U.S. traffic management departments have a panel of experts, special car seat on the security issues

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Can we have it all?

Automakers at the North American Auto Show in Detroit are introducing a variety of technologies in trying to convince the media that they can produce cars and truck that have it all: Performance, good fuel economy and environmental responsibility. Ford Motor Co., for instance, is touting its EcoBoost technnology, direct-injection gasoline engines that can crank out more than 300 horsepower, while

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GM Is Said to Offer 1% Dealer Payments on 2009 Models

GM Is Said to Offer 1% Dealer Payments on 2009 Models Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- General Motors Corp., trying a new tactic to stem its sales decline, is offering U.S. dealers a cash incentive of 1 percent on each 2009 vehicle they sell, according to 3 people with knowledge of the strategy. The so-called marketing stimulus payments will be made six months after a vehicle is sold and will be computed

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GM could keep making parts for Hummer after possible sale

GM could keep making parts for Hummer after possible sale General Motors could ultimately compose Hummer parts and assemblies for another partial carmaker as part of a sell-off deal, the czar Bob Lutz product GM said the Auto Show of London. “How it will work again with the plants must be accompanied,” Lutz said. It could be similar to the way Honda has quarrel his case for cooperation with Ro

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car hire portugal

car hire portugal Are you looking for a free way.To ride beyond limits put on spurs to the speed of your imagination as you draw into the city of Portugal. With the best car facilitates in town. Don’t worry about how to go where to decide to all problems there is one answer easily at you hand. Car hire at portugal Right from enriching your experience with great deal of new atmosphere you see ar

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Mercedes-Benz Bluetec ML 320

With Bluetec diesel variants of its available luxury SUVs, Mercedes-Benz said that diesels are now ambient as clean as gasoline engines, while providing great couple Americans like, with greater fuel economy than SUVs comparable gasoline-fueled. Having taken the latest Bluetec 320 ml, GL and R models, All models share the combination of diesel and automatic seven-speed of 3.0 liters. For ‘09, A

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Will China's auto market get warm in winter?

 (Collected and Edited by Donghai Rubber) Shanghai, September 24 ( Starting September 20, Beijing lifted its even-odd plate license restrictions imposed for two months on the capital city's vehicle driving during the Olympic season, and some new policy to stimulate the future auto market is in the pipeline. All this gives China's car makers, who are suffering from a market slump, a ch

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Mobile phone unlocks and starts car

Mobile phone unlocks and starts car     The new mobile phone, developed by Sharp Corp, is fitted with technology that allows users to enter and start the engine of a car without using conventional keys. Cars are fitted with a system known as "Intelligent Key" technology that is able to recognise when the owner is in the vicinity before automatically opening the doors. The recognition techno

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Car Care by Llee George

Car Care by Llee George   In your driving experiences, you are bound to encounter a flat tire at some point or another. Dealing with this problem is fairly simple once you know what you’re about. You might want to turn on your hazard lights before you start dealing with your flat tire, so that oncoming cars are aware of your car’s stationary position on the road. The first step is to find your

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Think Twice Before Washing Your Car

Think Twice Before Washing Your Car       Washington's Department of Ecology is proposing that people should stop washing their cars in their driveways because of the harm it can do to the environment.   The proposal is meant to raise awareness about washing your car, so car-washers can know the impact their making, and possible change something.   "I don't think it's very fair. I think we

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AUTOFILE: 2008 Audi S5

Walter de’ Silva called him the best car ‘ s never parked, a view not easily challenged once you beat eyes on the cut sensual four-seat. Lines rapid character that distinguishes its flanks inside sumptuous and well-appointed, the Audi S5 is as beautiful a car that you find bearing an assembly line mass production. That is, reversing machine said an editor aw. Exterior design is absolutely fanta

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