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How to make your home safer

How to make your home safer From the kitchen to the basement, injuryproof each room Home safe home? Don't count on it. Turns out, our homes and yards are hotbeds for injury. Fix up your house of pain with this easy guide. Injuryproof your living area Main staircases tend to get cluttered with things that need to go up — you know, the laundry you climb over on your way to bed? These tripping ...

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How do I baby-proof my home?

How do I baby-proof my home?     I HAVE a five-month-old baby who is beginning to move when I put him on the floor, so I think it may be time to start baby/child proofing my home. Where do I begin? CHILDREN by nature are curious and they need and want to explore the world. Nine out of 10 unintentional injuries can be prevented by thinking safe and acting safe. Fifty per cent of injuries occur...

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Crews to begin work on rail crossing at K Street and Sonora Avenue

Crews to begin work on rail crossing at K Street and Sonora Avenue   Construction crews Monday will kick off improvement work on the railroad crossing near K Street and Sonora Avenue. The weeklong project calls for replacing the hard rubber mats that surround the railroad with cement ones and leveling of the road in the immediate area next to the railroad spur. The mat replacement will be done...

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Shattered Lives campaign gains support

Shattered Lives campaign gains support   The Connage Highland Dairy is offering its support for the campaign which highlights the consequences of slips, trips and falls in the workplace. More than 4,000 people suffered injuries as a result of slips, trips and falls last year, the HSE claims. The new campaign aims to highlight the risks present in a place of work. "Unfortunately, people oft...

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Employer’s liability for hired equipment

Employer’s liability for hired equipment A recent Victorian Supreme Court decision regarding s138 recovery proceedings commenced by the Victorian WorkCover Authority (VWA) has highlighted the paramount importance of the employers’ duty of care for its workers irrespective of incidents caused by the use of defective hire equipment owned by third parties. The worker, John Wilson, sustained an inju

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Avoiding falls a challenge as you get older

You've heard the statistic so many times, your eyes glaze over. But it's true. The biggest cause of injury and disabling trauma to baby boomers are falls. Not big spectacular ones, like tumbling down stadium steps, but simple ones at home - a slip in the tub during a shower, where you get a brain injury from hitting your head on the faucet. A sprained ankle from getting out of bed and tripping o

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The wilds of Londons

The wilds of Londons   IT DOES not take long before a little canal water splashes into your lap. Your arms are already wet and at this point, Winston Churchill’s legendary prescription for long life comes to mind: "No sports!" If you set out to explore London by kayak with Danny Gillard, you cannot expect the kind of comfort you would get in a Venetian gondola as you have to handle the vessel

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Give your oven a tuneup before holidays hit

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to fire up the oven and start cooking. Even if you aren’t the cook, you still might be responsible for firing up the oven, or at least the go-to person to fix the oven when it doesn’t fire up. Here are some simple things you can check before calling the repairman to come out. Keeping your oven clean is the best way to prevent a lot of these issu

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Toyota delayed Venza recall in U.S. for six weeks, records show

Toyota delayed Venza recall in U.S. for six weeks, records show   Toyota Motor Corp. recalled its Venza in Canada late last year because of floor mats that could entrap the gas pedal, but it did not launch a similar recall in the U.S. until six weeks later, records show. The delay has caught the attention of federal regulators, who last week fined Toyota a record $16.4 million for failing to pr

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Timber Ridge kids' aim right on target

Timber Ridge kids' aim right on target   Kindergarten students at Timber Ridge Elementary School practiced their overhand throws on imaginary targets Tuesday during physical education class. After perfecting their throw using yarn balls, they learned from physical education teacher Jim Quam how to practice their aim in a game. "You've got to incorporate a game somehow or else they will be

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Fire closes Tri-Tech Skills Center until Monday

Fire closes Tri-Tech Skills Center until Monday   The Tri-Tech Skills Center in Kennewick will remain closed until Monday because of air-quality issues caused by a small fire. The fire started around 9 p.m. Tuesday in a commercial dishwasher in the production kitchen of the school's culinary arts program, said Capt. Joe Terpenning, a fire investigator with the Kennewick Fire Department. Flames

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Preventing falls

Preventing falls   These precautions haven't been studied to the same scientific standards that we use to judge other treatments on our site. (See .) But we cover them because you may have questions about them. As you read this information, keep in mind that more research is needed to say if these precautions work. Falls are an important cause of broken bones in people with osteoporosis. So it

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Topekan's sacred duty ends

Topekan's sacred duty ends   ARLINGTON, Va. — Sentinel Kyle Obrosky's calculated movement at the Tomb of the Unknowns defines respect for service members who surrendered their lives in battle without losing their country's admiration. The U.S. Army sergeant marches 21 steps across a black rubber mat positioned in front of the white marble tomb. He faces the markers for 21 seconds before executi

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Business, shed blazes keep Chadron fire crews busy

Business, shed blazes keep Chadron fire crews busy   Chadron firemen responded to a call at McDonalds Oct. 5 for the second time in about two weeks Fire Chief Pat Gould said the most recent fire was ignited when a rubber floor mat overheated from being up against the water heater. “The fire burned up the wall and the side of the heater, but it didn’t get out of the room,” Gould said. Four

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UMS need to make final push to reach grand final

UMS need to make final push to reach grand final   UMS FC will need nothing less than victories from their remaining two matches to make it into the grand final of the National Felda/FAM Futsal League as champions of Group B. The women's team from Universiti Malaysia Sabah is currently in second place on 12 points and will likely qualify among the top four teams. But team coach, Mohd Asyraaf

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Bath time tips

Bath time tips   Surveys have shown the bathroom is one of the most common places where domestic accidents happen (some say as high as 70 per cent of all domestic accidents happen there). Furthermore, if it's not cleaned regularly, it can be a haven for bacteria and other unpleasant things. Here then, are some ways you can make your bathroom a clean and safe place. Invest in a good bathroom m

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Rubber Flooring, Inc. Announces the Introduction of Kids Play Mats

Rubber Flooring, Inc. Announces the Introduction of Kids Play Mats   The kids play mat market has been growing in the U.S. for some time”, states Rubber Flooring Inc. COO Kurt Leitinger. “With this new educational foam floor mat product line designed specifically for kids, Rubber Flooring Inc. will be able to expand into a new market of safe and fun products to help keep children of all ages a l

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Protect Your Kids from the Bathroom

Protect Your Kids from the Bathroom   Having babies in the house can sometimes make parents paranoid about their safety. But since babies are prone to accidents especially indoors, it’s no wonder that parents are always extra careful. However, there are many homes that are not baby-friendly and pose hazards to kids that are enough to make any parent anxious. From table edges to slippery floors

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How to take the chill out of winter driving

How to take the chill out of winter driving   So winter is with us, and all the motoring joys it brings. Your car struggles to start, the starter groans, the heater takes an age to work and you have frost on the inside as well as the outside of your windows. Wonderful! We cannot change winter, but there are some handy tips that help take the chill out of a freezing morning. - When shutting do

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the Bar Room Floor Feels like the first time

the Bar Room Floor Feels like the first time   A typical night slinging drinks until about 12:30 a.m. Enter train wreck: A young blonde shoots through the door like a bullet followed by the discharged shell: a man I can only describe as a good John Waters, An ugly Burt Reynolds and a bad Mr. Furley. Beady eyes framed by a grey and receding hairline, pencil-thin mustache, a gold chain hugging h

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